Authors do not pay to be published. Authors are paid.

That’s a fundamental principle of Variations on a Theme publishing. Founded by a professional author and editor, with over thirty years of media and marketing experience, Variations on a Theme offers our carefully selected authors some of the most favorable publishing contracts and terms in the business. With high royalties to authors, and immediate rights reversion, Variations on a Theme will build a high quality catalog of publications.

Never out of print…

The goal of Variations on a Theme Private Label Publishing is to bring back into print the finest in science fiction novels, along with new titles by your favorite established authors.

In non-fiction and history, Variations on a Theme is publishing Robert James’ film history series, WHO Won?!?. Soon Civil War history titles will be joining the non-fiction imprint, with Sultana: A Case for Sabotage, the groundbreaking work of historical research into the saboteur boat-burners of the Trans-Mississippi theater of the U.S. Civil War.

Variations on a Theme LLC is a private label publisher specializing in science fiction and fantasy titles, historical fiction, and non-fiction history.

Variations on a Theme is a Minnesota business established in 2007, reformed as a limited liability company in 2012.

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